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Motorised Mains/Battery Powered Blinds


Motorisation is quickly becoming more of a standard method of operation for window blinds and soft furnishings compared to previous years. 

Homes are increasingly becoming "smart" whether it's for heating, security or lighting. We are continuing to search for solutions to make everyday life just that little bit easier, safer and more self efficient. 

So, how are these “smart” products powered?

To break it down, here are the three main sources of power that we widely use:

  • Mains Powered: Using AC motors (240v) or low voltage DC (12v/24v) motors. Mains power is a great option to go for if you are in the process of getting construction work carried out on your home. Planning ahead and discussing with your electrician and architect about fitting fused spurs close to the corners of your windows or doors in order to power your window furnishings is best done in the planning stages of your build. 
  • Battery Powered: Battery powered motors run off an internal or external battery pack. Some motors that run off alkaline batteries can last up to 3-5 years of usage. Alternatively, rechargeable Lithium ion batteries they can last between 6-12 months of usage and can be used over and over again. Either way, battery is a great option if a mains power source has not been previously wired up to your windows.
  • Solar Powered: Solar power is a great option in order to keep the battery of your blinds topped up. It is important to make sure that the window is in well suited location in accordance to the sun. So, let's say you have a window that is a little tricky to get to and would like to have it run a little longer than the battery alone, then adding a solar panel behind the blind or on the window sill is a fantastic option. We recommend that this is not the primary source in order to get the batteries up to full charge. So be aware that you may need to top the batteries up every now and again.

Following on from the options above your blinds can then be linked up to various home automation system such as Lutron, Control 4 and others.

If you are not planning on having a home automation system, you can simply run the blinds on a remote control or home hub (see below).

Luxury Home Hub

Home Hub Blinds.jpg 

Get Connected with our Smart Home Automation Hub.

  • App based through Shade Connector + 
  • 2.4MHz frequency 
  • Easy Setup with tutorial on the app
  • Operate your blinds from anywhere in the world 
  • Manage up to 30 Blinds 
  • Timers 
  • Set Scenes with bidirectional motors 
  • Battery strength indicator for each motor using bidirectional motors
  • Operate your blinds in increments with bidirectional motors
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFFFT