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Curtain Headings Explained

Steve Bane Fabrics have been supplying and fitting curtains in Dorset and Somerset for almost 50 years. The main question we frequently get asked when customers are looking to purchase some curtains is ‘’which is the best heading?’’, which to us is never a simple, straightforward answer. 

With so many options available, we thought we would create this quick guide to show you the various finishes and hopefully make that decision a little easier. Of course, our shop staff are always on hand to provide any additional support and advice you may need when making this tricky decision. 

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat is known to be the traditional style curtain heading. It’s a classic choice and can be used on both tracks and poles. We supply pencil pleat heading tape in two different heading sizes: 3” and 6”. It typically comes with multiple pocket heights on the tape (allowing adjustment depending on where you need the curtain to sit on the track/pole). The tape then has drawstrings that can be pulled, allowing you to gather the curtain to the width that  you require. We typically allow 2 times the gather for this heading.  

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Duo Pinch Pleat

Sometimes referred to as duo pleat, duo pinch pleat, double pleat or double pinch pleat, this heading features a hand sewn double fold at the top to create two pleats. We tend to use 6’’ buckram which is fused to the fabric. The pleats are calculated evenly depending on the pole or track length (this heading works on both). Metal pin hooks are then stabbed through the lining and buckram being careful not to go too far through the face fabric.
Be warned, stabbing pin hooks for long periods of time requires many cups of tea and days of rest on the fingers! We welcome advice from anyone that has a technique in doing this that is pain free.  

Duo Pinch Pleat, Pinch Pleat Curtains, Blue fabric, Grey Fabric, Curtain Rings, Curtain Pole

Triple Pinch Pleat

Triple pinch pleat curtains are very similar to duo pinch pleat; however instead of two pleats at the top, they have three. As with duo pleat, triple pinch pleat curtains can also be used on tracks and poles. Both pinch pleat styles are the perfect choice if you wish for a more uniform style look to your curtains. It does require slightly more gather, but the end look is well worth it.

 Triple Pinch Pleat, Embroidered Fabric, Curtain Pole, Curtain Hooks

Eyelet Heading

Eyelet curtains offer a very clean and simple look suitable for any modern or traditional interior.  Their design, with individual pleats, create a very bold statement showing distinct folds of fabric from the top of the curtain right down to the hems. They come in a range of eyelet sizes (25mm 40mm and 66mm) and an array of colours. We recommend only using metal poles for eyelet curtains as metal on wood may damage the wood pole over time. 

Eyelet Curtains, Eyelets, Curtain Pole, Leaf Fabric 

Wave™ Heading

Wave™ heading is a perfect option if you are looking for a modern alternative for your interior. When the curtains are drawn, this heading creates a continuous wave of pleats which is both neat and simple. When the curtains are open, they stack straight with no bunching making them a great option if you are lacking space around your window. Fabrics which are thinner and not too stiff are recommended for the best effect. Whilst Wave™ curtains only work on tracks, we can provide options for curtains poles with built in tracks if that is your preference, so there are lots of different options available to you. 

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