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7 Amazing Benefits of Luxaflex Blinds


1) Modern and Attractive Design

The Luxaflex brand is renowned for developing appealing products that will provide a luxurious finishing touch to your home. There are many products from which to choose to ensure that your interior is well-coordinated. Luxaflex Duette shades are an ideal choice if you want light to gently filter into your room. Luxaflex Twist and  Luxaflex Facette shades are very unique and provide a contemporary solution to light control. If you are adhering to an organic theme, Luxaflex wood blinds would be an appropriate choice: enhancing your carefully selected interior.

2) High-quality products

Pioneering brand, Luxaflex has 60 years worth of experience in the industry. Joe Hunter and Henry Sonneberg are the founders of Luxaflex and strived to develop a more successful solution than what was previously available on the market. In 1951, their invention of aluminium Venetian blinds, known as Luxaflex blinds were first introduced to Europe. Since then, the brand has created other products such as ground-breaking and award winning Duette shades, Facette shades and Silhouette shades. This has resulted in Luxaflex products being celebrated for their innovation. The forward-thinking brand has become synonymous with quality and ingenuity. Luxaflex has amassed a significant amount of loyal customers because they know that investing in a Luxaflex product will provide them with reliability because the products are informed by Luxaflex's impressive heritage.

3) Mindful of Safety

Luxaflex are committed to providing the safest blinds for your home. The European EN 13120 standard is a minimum safety requirement which is rigorously followed. Luxaflex provide cord and chain options which are all fitted with safety devices for maximum peace of mind. However, Luxaflex offer many alternatives to blinds fitted with a cord or chain. PowerView Motorisation allows blinds to be opened and closed by using the Powerview Pebble Control or the dedicated phone app. Luxaflex blinds that use the PowerRise system are another option which can be operated at the touch of a button. These blinds can be adjusted by using either a battery remote control operation or wall operation ensuring maximum safety. The Luxaflex SmartCord system is a popular choice because it features a retractable cord which is out of the reach of children. Both PowerRise and SmartCord options are available on Luxaflex Duette shades, Luxaflex Silhouette shades and  Luxaflex Plissé shades. Many people now choose the Luxaflex LiteRise system because it does not require a remote control or cord or chain to operate. Blinds which incorporate the LiteRise system can simply be pulled up or down manually by grasping the framework of the blind. Another manual system is the Crank or Wand operation which can lift or tilt without any compromise to safety. The Crank or Wand operation is available on Duette shades, wood blinds,  Plissé shades, designer roller blinds, Venetian blinds and Twist shades. Luxaflex's dedication to safety is shown further by installing Quick Release Cords on all of their products.

4) Sustainable materials

Luxaflex blinds are available in a wide range of materials. Luxaflex Duette, Silhouette, Twist, Facette, and Plissé shades, as well as designer roller blinds, vertical blinds and awnings are available in fabric material. If you require a wood finish, wood blinds or interior shutters are the best option. Vertical blinds can be made with PVC material. However a popular choice for both Venetian and vertical blinds is aluminium material. This is made to the highest standards using 98% of recycled material and has cradle to cradle certification. The Luxaflex brand is proud to be environmentally friendly by using sustainable materials wherever possible.

5) Wide choice of finishing options

Luxaflex blinds are highly customisable with a vast range of colours and fabrics with which to choose. The Luxaflex brand appreciates that your chosen blinds not only have to be functional, reliable and accessible, but they also have to look effective within their environment. Luxaflex blinds can be bright and bold, ensuring an eye-catching statement on entering the room. They can also be produced in a subtle colour and texture which does not distract from the soft furnishings you have chosen for your room. Luxaflex provide an impressive range of colours and fabrics so that you can create a highly personalised look that ensures complete satisfaction.

6) Niche products available

Luxaflex blinds are custom-made to fit a wide range of windows. For example, designer roller blinds and vertical blinds can be installed in extra large windows. Luxaflex are also able to provide extra privacy when considering bathroom blinds, or increased darkness when installing blinds in bedrooms. Luxaflex's impressive range can accommodate for specific window types, such as tilt turn windows, skylights, conservatories and more. Luxaflex blinds can cater for people with a physical disability. For example, people with limited mobility may benefit from Powerview Motorisation blinds or Luxaflex PowerRise blinds due to the remote control which guarantees ease of use.

7) Suitable for all price ranges

Luxaflex blinds are competitively priced and therefore will suit an array of budgets. You may have recently purchased a house and want to install a new Luxaflex Duette shade in every window. However, you might want to install just one Luxaflex Venetian blind in your bathroom. Regardless of how much or how little you spend, you can rest assured that you are getting an excellent price for a product of outstanding quality. You may be lucky enough to enjoy a Luxaflex sale where you will purchase these acclaimed products for an increasingly competitive price. It is therefore vital to keep up to date with the latest news and offers via this website.


Luxaflex blinds are a sound investment: providing you with a robust and reliable product for years to come.

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  • I am looking for velux blinds that keep the sun out but not the light. Is this the sort of thing that you are able to do?

    Marilyn Hughes

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